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Excellence in Training

Developed by The Academy for Hospitality Arts
Investing in Your Future

Taking the next (or first) step in your hospitality career can be daunting. Our competitive pricing, in-depth experience and professional instructors make the journey exciting and rewarding.

Access and Experience

Expand and sharpen your hospitality skills with direct access to seasoned industry experts. Learn best practices that will help you excel throughout your career.

Flexible Learning

We believe that learning is driven by individual goals and comfort levels. Participants can access programs and certifications through a variety of mediums, including online, in-person and even consultancy services.


Unparalleled Service Excellence and Leadership

The Academy for Hospitality Arts is seated in the belief that exceptional service starts with intentional planning. With 130 years of combined experience across an array of settings– including hotels, restaurants, county clubs, fine dining, and entertainment complexes–we are the heartbeat of hospitality. Our mission is to educate, enrich and inspire hospitality professionals leveraging our collective knowledge managing more than 10,000 events across the globe. The concept of walking the walk is the heart of our online, in-person training and consultancy offerings. Having served as operators, event managers, captains, waiters, and bartenders, we want to provide courses that create a blueprint for all hospitality professionals. We are excited to inspire the next generation as a holistic hospitality partner.

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We build confidence through greater knowledge.

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We promote respect for the team and profession which develops great service.

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We treat everyone with a level of courtesy that surpasses basic kindness.

Our Courses


In hospitality, the goal is to deliver consistent, safe and memorable guest experiences. Our AHA faculty and staff bring personal learnings and lessons that reinforce the importance of holistic hospitality. The result is participants have the opportunity to engage and interact with true professionals, which leads to personal growth and influences career trajectory.

The Academy for Hospitality Arts (AHA) offers a range of flexible training offerings designed to meet the needs of hospitality professionals no matter where they are in their careers. Leveraging decades of industry experience, the AHA seeks to inspire and empower hospitality professionals and businesses alike through an array of courses and certifications.


Industry-vetted and crafted curriculum


Comprehensive, intuitive learning platform


Flexible course and certification options


Discounts for groups and businesses


Value & service

The Academy for Hospitality Arts offers value at every skill level, from burgeoning service professionals to seasoned operators. Our range of curated, industry-leading courses will elevate your team’s potential.


Training is a cornerstone of proficiency. It is incumbent upon every team member to diligently train, learn, and absorb proper protocols to deliver the best possible service to guests.

The Academy offers classroom curriculum that allows students to practice what we preach, "practice inspires excellence!"

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