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  • What kind of support will I receive?
    The AHA team is here to support all of your hospitality career needs. From providing instruction to sharing professional advice to assisting with job placement, we are your full-service partner.
  • How can I learn more about AHA courses and certifications?
    We invite you to explore our courses page to view a full list of our current and upcoming offerings. You can also sign up for our our newsletter to ensure you never miss an opportunity to unlock your full potential. For additional questions, please contact us.
  • I’m ready to get started! What’s next?
    Visit our Courses Page. If the course you’ve identified is open for enrollment, you can register and start the course at any time. Simply click ‘add to cart’ and follow prompts to complete the registration process.
  • What is the difference between a final exam and a certification exam?
    AHA’s final exams consist of 100+ randomized questions in an effort to test overall knowledge on specific course material. Our certification exams are credentialing tests used to determine if students are knowledgeable enough in a specific area for practical application. Think of exams as educational tests and certifications as application tests. Both are important to your career!
  • Are AHA courses self-paced?
    We firmly believe that each student’s journey is unique. This mindset extends to our course and certification formats, which are all self-paced. Using this structure promotes confidence and focus for students to complete assignments on their own timeline.
  • Do courses contribute to certifications?
    AHA’s vision is to elevate the hospitality industry through a standardized framework for service excellence. We see this goal as a progressive path for students in terms of completing courses that will in turn elevate their careers. For many students, courses are a starting point with a build up to certifications. The good news: all of AHA’s courses are prerequisites for our certification programs meaning there is an ongoing opportunity to further your professional development.
  • What career counseling is available?
    The AHA team includes hospitality professionals with decades of experience. From catering to restaurants to event management and more, we’ve walked the walk. A big part of our learning structure is to infuse our hands-on experience with industry best practices to set students up for long-term success. We offer a range of career services, including one-on-one advising, group discussions and job placement recommendations. Career counseling is woven into AHA and reflects our mission to educate, enrich and inspire hospitality professionals.
  • Restaurant vs. Catering: How do I choose my path?
    When choosing a career path, many factors come into play. Are you seeking a structured and regimented role? A more flexible work schedule? Addressing these questions can help you identify the professional path that best suits your lifestyle. Restaurant roles are typically more reliable and follow a hierarchy with culinary and service roles. There is stability in terms of scheduling and set shifts. Catering is more agile by way of event types, audiences and time commitment. While both options have innate differences, they both require the same foundational knowledge and dedication. Our seasoned team members have real-world industry experience and insights to support you on your journey. No matter your path, AHA is here to help you deliver service excellence with every role, every time.
  • How will AHA courses enhance my hospitality degree?
    Improving and honing your craft is how you move from good to great. AHA’s curated courses and certifications are for a range of hospitality professionals, including those with hospitality degrees. Our mission at AHA is to elevate the hospitality industry through a standardized framework for service excellence–and that’s what our offerings do. By focusing on policies, protocols and best practices, we help hospitality professionals enhance efficiency, improve safety and deliver memorable experiences.
  • What are the benefits of an Academy for Hospitality Arts certification?
    AHA’s certifications are a valuable addition to your toolkit in an evolving hospitality world. Educational certifications reflect dedication, enhance your resume and make you a more well-rounded professional. AHA certifications are a stepping stone to advancing your career, growing your network and expanding your skill set.
  • How will AHA homework assignments advance my career?
    We believe that practice and repetition are critical to sharpening your hospitality skills. The assignments provided in each course and certification program are designed to simulate real world scenarios to ensure preparedness and professionalism. Having a pulse on your progress is essential in terms of identifying areas of improvement. Homework assignments provide comprehension checks to help you moderate progress and achieve key milestones. AHA believes that an investment in our programs requires an investment of your time. Completing homework assignments is an exercise in practical application and building your knowledge base for career advancement.
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